February 11, 2019

Asset Performance Management and Digital Transformation

IS³ - Industry Software, Solutions and Support
IS³ - Industry Software, Solutions and Support

By relentlessly focusing on solving our customers’ most pressing operational problems, we deliver robust, secure and easy to use software solutions to solve those problems. With the AVEVA software portfolio, IS³ is a Global leader in Engineering & Industrial Software Platforms, by offering a complete portfolio of Industry Software Solutions and Support.

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Using the comprehensive Asset Performance Management (APM) solution, offered by IS³ - Organisations can monitor their assets to identify, diagnose and prioritise impending equipment problems — continuously and in real time. This enables companies to reduce unscheduled downtime, prevent equipment failures, reduce maintenance costs, increase asset utilisation, extend equipment life and identify underperforming assets.

IS³ - Industry, Software, Solutions and Support, offers an end-to-end solution that manages the collection of data from any number of sources, incorporates advanced analytics technology that combines machine learning with advanced pattern recognition and provides a complete asset management platform to manage asset lifecycle and maintenance processes. It also includes a variety of interactive visualisation capabilities for presenting this information in intuitive ways on mobile devices and platforms. No matter what level of maturity your organisation has achieved on the Maintenance Maturity Pyramid, IS³ - Industry Software, Solutions and Support, can move you one step closer to asset performance excellence. The comprehensive offering is equipment and vendor agnostic for seamless integration with existing equipment and technologies, enabling you to maximise the value of previous investments through proactive asset health and performance monitoring.

Proven benefits of using our APM solution

APM software provides better inventory control, better flow of purchase orders, and cost control in maintaining our assets.” Improvements since implementing APM software :

  • Improved regulation compliance visibility: 20-30%
  • Reduced contractor utilisation: 20-30%
  • Reduced maintenance cost: 10-20%
  • Improved labour utilisation: 5-10%
  • Improved asset uptime/availability: 10-20%

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IS³ -Industry Software, Solutions & Support, Authorised Distributor of AVEVA Software, offers the most comprehensive Asset Performance Management platform to help our customers exceed reliability, safety and performance goals. Our solution leverages enterprise data capture, cloud, augmented reality and analysis coupled with actions to enable optimised maintenance and improved profitability.

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