February 11, 2019

Want to improve overall equipment effectiveness in the Food and Beverage Industry?

IS³ - Industry Software, Solutions and Support
IS³ - Industry Software, Solutions and Support

By relentlessly focusing on solving our customers’ most pressing operational problems, we deliver robust, secure and easy to use software solutions to solve those problems. With the AVEVA software portfolio, IS³ is a Global leader in Engineering & Industrial Software Platforms, by offering a complete portfolio of Industry Software Solutions and Support.

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Deliver on time and in full with the correct information and tools to improve profitability and maximise return on capital across the asset and operations value chain.

Today’s Food & Beverage manufacturers face a variety of challenges throughout their businesses-from managing the value chain, prices and availability of incoming raw materials, to the execution of varied production processes and maintenance of disparate systems and equipment. At the same time, consumers are demanding product variety and a higher level of direct and nimble response to their market demands.

Food & Beverage manufacturers compete under the pressure of lower margins, increased regulatory obligations and capital expenditure constraints, all while trying to ensure their products are safe and delivered on time, with the highest quality and least waste level possible. Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE), Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) and Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) are toolsets and KPIs to help food and beverage manufacturers deliver high quality products, with the best possible margins, to customers on time. Asset Performance Management (APM) can help digitally fuse these toolsets together to drive improved manufacturing performance.

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The right mix of equipment maintenance approach provides the most optimal results, taking into consideration cost of maintenance versus cost of an unexpected failure.

  • A run-to-failure approach for critical assets may meet production capacity target and adherence to plan in the short term but may not be ideal where quality takes a hit with contamination from rusty equipment parts, excessive lubrication or even microbiological contamination.
  • Maintenance service may often be outsourced to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), and on a preventive approach where maintenance is planned on regular time or usage intervals.
  • Condition-based and predictive maintenance takes on the approach of “when there is a need to”. With the use of sensor data, Advanced Pattern Recognition can predict an impending failure, thus providing early warning.

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Learn how to increase Asset Reliability and Performance in Food and Beverage Manufacturing

3.3 Increase Asset Reliability and Performance in Food and Beverage Manufacturing

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IS³ -Industry Software, Solutions & Support, Authorised Distributor of AVEVA Software, offers the most comprehensive Asset Performance Management platform to help our customers exceed reliability, safety and performance goals. Our solution leverages enterprise data capture, cloud, augmented reality and analysis coupled with actions to enable optimised maintenance and improved profitability.


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