June 19, 2019

Customer Success: Transnet achieves ROI through SCADA modernisation and standardisation

IS³ - Industry Software, Solutions and Support
IS³ - Industry Software, Solutions and Support

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Philip Nell, Engineer at Transnet, explains how they achieve ROI through SCADA modernisation and standardisation.

Transnet Freight Rail was tasked with migrating from an iFix system to System Platform. Their mandate was not only to move platform, but to also give the operators more insight into their entire electrical equipment as well as a holistic view of their power utilisation. With System platform they were able to achieve standards across the organisation by using some of the latest software offerings from Wonderware, including AVEVA Insight which helped improve their data analytics. With some careful planning they were able to migrate the system with minimal downtime.

Watch the video to learn the value of System Platform and AVEVA Insight.

Transnet also won the award for Best Control & Information Implementation at X-Change 2019.

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Learn how System Platform can bring real value to your business by watching Ernst explain some key messages around System Platform.

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