August 6, 2019

How to conduct an Asset Performance Management Assessment?

IS³ - Industry Software, Solutions and Support
IS³ - Industry Software, Solutions and Support

By relentlessly focusing on solving our customers’ most pressing operational problems, we deliver robust, secure and easy to use software solutions to solve those problems. With the AVEVA software portfolio, IS³ is a Global leader in Engineering & Industrial Software Platforms, by offering a complete portfolio of Industry Software Solutions and Support.

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Strategise Optimisation Opportunities for Maximum Return 

Industrial organisations must deal with competitive market forces, and often volatile and difficult trading conditions. This compels them to consider ways of reducing costs and value leaks in their operations, while still maximising the return on physical assets. Our Risk Based Maintenance solution allows businesses to include risk-based maintenance into their overall asset management strategy.

Intelligent Assessment of the Plant

IS³ -Industry Software, Solutions & Support’s APM Assessment takes into account five key factors:

  • Company objectives
  • Dynamics of the organisations
  • Regulatory requirements
  • Supply chain
  • Maintenance drivers/KPIs

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The Asset Management Assessment includes a maturity score on 14 essential points that are bench-marked against industry standards. This maturity score provides prioritised insights into improvement opportunities, the benefits those changes would deliver in addition to the sequence and action plan for when and how these should be implemented, involving people, processes and systems. The improvement road-map includes clear goals and expected ROI with a programmatic action plan. The assessment provides insight across four key areas related to managing scarce resources, critical assets, tight budgets and achieving compliance.

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Our Approach 

In order to prioritise asset management and maintenance strategies, an assessment needs to take into account the business context. IS³ - Industry Software, Solutions & Support’s end-to-end approach from management, to execution to IT and software tooling, we deliver not only insights but transplant them into a pragmatic action plan. With decades of industry experience and proven solutions, the Global AVEVA team has over 1,000 years of combined consultancy experience to real business value.

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Our Promise to you! 


IS³ -Industry Software, Solutions & Support, Authorised Distributor of AVEVA Software, offers the most comprehensive Asset Performance Management platform to help our customers exceed reliability, safety and performance goals. Our solution leverages enterprise data capture, cloud, augmented reality and analysis coupled with actions to enable optimised maintenance and improved profitability.

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