August 6, 2019

The Value of Connecting Risk-based Maintenance and Enterprise Asset Management Systems

IS³ - Industry Software, Solutions and Support
IS³ - Industry Software, Solutions and Support

By relentlessly focusing on solving our customers’ most pressing operational problems, we deliver robust, secure and easy to use software solutions to solve those problems. With the AVEVA software portfolio, IS³ is a Global leader in Engineering & Industrial Software Platforms, by offering a complete portfolio of Industry Software Solutions and Support.

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Improve asset performance by integrating risk-based maintenance to your Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) system. Risk-based Maintenance software generates optimised maintenance and spare parts strategies by looking at the big picture first and then prioritising before getting to the relevant details for each asset.

Integrating risk management to EAM systems, brings a systematic approach to continues improvement 

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Risk-based Maintenance solutions interfaces seamlessly with existing EAM systems, to enable users to get the most out of existing investments and speed up installation, implementation and deployment.

  • Simulate maintenance strategies to calculate effects and ROI over the entire asset life cycle and export strategies directly to the EAM system for planning and execution.
  • Comprehensive Root Cause Analysis (RCA) module for incident logging, solution definitions, and secure prevention – including an average 1:30 ROI within a year.
  • Industry libraries built with 20 years’ worth of equipment reliability data, in order to speed up deployment time - up to 90% improvement.

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The journey starts with quality data 

Risk-based Maintenance data insights represent the strategy component of executing the journey to reach your business objectives. Productivity, safety, quality, compliance, and cost efficiency start with knowing the facts about current performance and where improvements can have the biggest impact on bottom line. Understanding the criticality of your assets, what deserves priority and what can wait to be serviced, can be crucial in today’s increasingly competitive markets. Even if all assets are equally important in, for example a packaging line, different effects in terms of direct repair or replacement costs, expected repair time, spares holding costs, and different failure rates, may serve as prioritisation inputs.

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IS³ -Industry Software, Solutions & Support, Authorised Distributor of AVEVA Software, offers the most comprehensive Asset Performance Management platform to help our customers exceed reliability, safety and performance goals. Our solution leverages enterprise data capture, cloud, augmented reality and analysis coupled with actions to enable optimised maintenance and improved profitability.

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