Webinar: Introducing Wonderware System Platform 2017

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System Platform 2017, is a pioneering platform and fundamental step in successful operational value for organisations of any scale that are striving for manufacturing cohesiveness, empowerment and dexterity.

We invite you to join us on June 7th to experience how System Platform 2017, the world’s first Operations Management Interface, provides increased and unwavering awareness and operations efficacy through information-enabled operations.

This webinar will show you the simplicities, flexibilities and scope of System Platform 2017 that will fundamentally alter how your users interact, control, and essentially optimise your processes.

  • Simplicity: Easily digitise standards practices across your Operations Teams to outperform and achieve world class results.

  • Flexibility - Expand the reach of information to any user, on any device without having to re-engineer HMI content.

  • Scope -  Close the IT/OT gap with plug and play apps that leverage the Industrial IoT.