August 27, 2019

What’s New in Citect SCADA 2018 R2

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Citect SCADA 2018 R2 brings a list of new features. So, what’s new?

Graphics Browsing in Citect Studio:

  • Browse, search and filter across graphic types; Symbols, Genies, Super Genies.
  • Quickly Filter to find duplicate graphics within your project/s.
  • Create and Open symbols directly in Graphics Builder.
  • Delete symbols directly from Citect Studio.


Historian Integration:

Thorough integration with the AVEVA Historian portfolio with the ability to publish your data to AVEVA Process Historian, AVEVA eDNA Enterprise Historian, or AVEVA Insight, as well as Citect Historian. This release includes a new native high-performance interface facilitating near-real-time data, with integrated redundancy support. Initially supporting connectivity to eDNA Enterprise Historian, this interface will in future be utilised to support high-speed communications to our Process Historian and Insight offers.

Cloud Intelligence & Mobility:

  • Leverage the power of our cloud portfolio to enhance your on-premise SCADA system.
  • Automatically detect anomalous patterns in your historical data and display these via the AVEVA Insight “newsfeed”.
  • Direct access to your data via Insight Mobile, on any device, any time, anywhere.


Security Improvements:

  • Secure Transport, Encryption: provides encrypted connections between Citect SCADA processes; Client, Server, CtAPI.
  • Access Control Restrictions: provides ability to limit r/w access to sensitive information.
  • CtAPI Authentication: provides secure connectivity for remote API clients.
  • Deprecated Functionality
  • Remote Cicode Debugger: debugger is now only able to connect to Citect SCADA processes on local machine.
  • DDE Server/Client: DDE interface is now disabled by default.

Other Enhancements:

  • Move graphics with keyboard : move & resize graphics objects with the keyboard arrows.
  • Manually enter size & position : manually define position and size an object or selection of objects in GB, enhancing ability to efficiently and precisely position graphics.
  • Workspace: an update of the workspace to natively support four alarm priorities by default, with ability to extend tree-view etc to show more.
  • Diagonal Communications Loss Pattern : alternative to existing dithering pattern.

Watch the video to learn more!

Release Video_AVEVA_Citect SCADA 2018 R2_07-19 (1)


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